Medical insurance in Ukraine: Suprun announced a plan of action – 24 Channel

Медичне страхування в Україні: Супрун озвучила план дій - 24 Канал

Health insurance should be an integral part of the health care system of Ukraine. And to make it work – the MINISTRY of health is developing new mechanisms of healthcare system.

This was told by the VA. the Minister of health Suprun on his page in Facebook.

According to her, the introduction of medical insurance in Ukraine already operates on a primary link of medical care modern model of payment for hospitals.

Since the second half of 2019, the National health will pay for the family doctor, x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, echocardiography, heart and other tests and diagnostic procedures in any medical institution — at the choice of the patient and free him,
– said Suprun.

And in 2020 this will be covered in all levels of medical services, including hospital treatment. Thus, the Ministry plans to ensure that every person is guaranteed the coverage of basic health services of primary, specialized, emergency care through the National health service.


And also this enables you to provide employers, government agencies, local authorities and patients the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of insurance.

How will it be done?

1. By 2020 should make a healthy competition in the market of medical services.

2. Also will create a road map for the development of medical insurance in Ukraine.

3. The hospital will be a process of autonomy and to function as utilities.

4. Will operate an electronic system to monitor the provision of services.

Suprun believes that health insurance in Ukraine will allow to help people to protect themselves from excessive spending on expensive types of medical care.

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