“Medicine is not needed”: doctors told how to lower blood pressure

«Лекарства не нужны»: медики рассказали, как понизить давление

Without medication, every person can lower blood pressure and bring it back to normal. And there are a couple of ways.

As reported Newsmir.info the specialists said that in the first place, it is necessary to exclude alcohol. In addition, does not interfere with sports. Even minimal activity, like walking, helps to normalize blood pressure. Doctors advise to walk at least an hour a day to improve heart function. Also, people with high blood pressure need to limit yourself to salty foods and to include in the diet foods rich in potassium. Finally, you need to drink less tea and coffee.

We will remind that earlier the doctors have repeatedly said that to normalize the pressure helps the garlic. Its action starts in five hours after eating and may last up to nine hours. It is noteworthy that garlic lowers high blood pressure and, conversely, increases the low pressure bringing it to normal.