Medifarma from 1 April will continue. The money received by all hospitals, NCSU

Медреформа с 1 апреля продолжится. Деньги получат все больницы - НСЗУ

13.03.2020, 21:56


In the National health service said that medifarma from 1 April will continue, the money received by all hospitals

The second phase of health reform kicks off April 1, as planned. Funds for low priority packages will receive all medical institutions, regardless of whether they meet the requirements or not. About it in the comments after the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on health said the leader of NCSU Oksana Movchan, Director of the Department of contracts Andrew Vilnius and Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on the health of the nation Michael radutskii.

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“We have two main stationary package: therapy (treatment without surgery) and surgical (operation). Therapeutic package – base and we delayed the hospitals requirements for personnel and equipment. They will be able to sign a contract now, not answering the requirements. But after 6 months must meet them. Such low – power hospitals to 200. Excluding them from the medical network will be poorly received by the public. Therefore, there is a period of 6 months,” said Vilensky.

Also in case of a possible epidemic of coronavirus NCSU plans to pay the emergency medical care and hospitals that can provide assistance.

“We gave two suggestions. First: given the potential for epidemic was proposed in the framework of a reserve in the range of 72 billion to see how we can change the tariff for emergency medical care. Second: add the factor to infectious doctors and hospitals that can provide this?? help. Agreed that on Monday will send its calculations to the Ministry of health, and they Committee,” said Movchan.

Radutsky said that, according to the Minister, madrepora to curtail or defer gather and March 17 will be announced the implementation of the strategy.