Mediterranean spring was coming to Ukraine: an unexpected forecast of weather forecasters

Средиземноморская весна нагрянет в Украину: неожиданный прогноз от синоптиков

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the weather in Ukraine on March 5, Tuesday will bring the long-awaited warming. Although in many regions it is expected a strong wind and a little rain.

March comes into its own, and the thermometer is steadily moving up. Forecasters say that the weather in Ukraine will be getting warmer with each passing day. This week to establish a sustainable plus. On Tuesday, March 5, is expected to increase the temperature of air to +9, and sometimes up to 14 degrees. Coldest is in the Sumy region – not more than 4 degrees Celsius.

In the Central, Northern and some Western regions the rains. But the wind will be strong and gusty in all regions of Ukraine. Air flow will be on the Atlantic side, so that you can practically breathe the Mediterranean air.

Further detailed information about what will be the weather in Ukraine on March 5:

In Western Ukraine, March 5 day to 8-10 degrees Celsius, in Transcarpathia, Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk 9-11 above zero. The night temperature is also above zero, up to 6 degrees Celsius. A strong Western wind of 7-12 metres per second. Expected to be small rains, in the Rivne and Volyn region precipitation can be significant.

Weather in Ukraine on March 5

In the North of the country the day will also be rainy. Day 6 to 9 degrees above zero at night 2-4 with a plus sign.

The Eastern regions of Ukraine will take the brunt in the form of precipitation. The night will be snow, and the rain. But the day will have a confident warm to +9 degrees, and at night the thermometer will not fall below zero.

In the Central regions the air warms up to 12 degrees. The rain in the Cherkassy region, in other areas of the region, only insignificant precipitation.

In the South of Ukraine will be warm and dry. In Odessa it is expected +15 day and night to 6 degrees above zero. Although the strong West wind will be felt, and the inhabitants of the southern regions. In Crimea on March 5, 12-14 degrees Celsius, no rain.

Weather in Kyiv on Tuesday 5 March will be cloudy with a chance of rain and gusty wind. But it will be much warmer than last week, to +8 a day.

Weather in Ukraine on March 5

In the national calendar March 5 day of memory of Saint Leo of Catania. On this day the snow begins to melt, and made to plant seeds for seedlings.

Folk omens on March 5

  • Magpies and jackdaws in the snow bathe – you need to wait for the thaw.
  • It is snowing with rain – is the rapid flooding of rivers.
  • Flocks of jackdaws and crows fly high in the sky – soon to be snowfall.
  • The wind changed direction – so the thaw will be short-lived.

Средиземноморская весна нагрянет в Украину: неожиданный прогноз от синоптиков

Средиземноморская весна нагрянет в Украину: неожиданный прогноз от синоптиков