Medvedchuk believes that the conversations Poroshenko – Biden contain all the evidence of treason

Медведчук считает, что разговоры Порошенко - Байдена содержат все доказательства измены Родине

The Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, people’s Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk in the program “Vesti” with Stanislav Natanzon assessed the scandal associated with the telephone negotiations of Poroshenko and Biden, as well as external control of Ukraine from the United States.

“What could be the reaction of a normal person, especially a politician of the country when the President actually delivered her interests, violates the law, the legislation in favor of the representative of another state, which carries out external control? Namely, when the President says that will remove the state Prosecutor in return for a loan of $1 billion just because Mr. Biden this attorney General do not like investigating the criminal case involving his son. When the President said that housing and utility tariffs it has asked to increase to 75%, but he raised them 100%. When he talks about change in the government and await instructions from the centre, which carries out the external control of Ukraine and is located in Washington. As this can be treated? As a threat to national security. As to the flagrant fact which disturbs any person, a citizen of the country, where the President allows himself, as a result of his weakness and dependence, to behave in a similar manner to the representative of another state”, – said Viktor Medvedchuk.

Moreover, the MP expressed confidence that the external control of Ukraine is now: “the West has made it clear the current authorities in Kiev and the President Zelensky that the arrest Poroshenko is impossible, because his policy was Pro-Western. Zelensky also keep track of this Pro-Western course aimed to support the conflict with Russia, that was not a peaceful settlement in the Donbass, to avoid changes in the socio-economic sphere, because the United States needs an obedient subject of international relations, which was, unfortunately, remains Ukraine”.

The opposition politician also noted that the scandal broke out only now – after the publication of the films, although the facts in question were known previously.

“Mr. Biden proved it. He is in his interviews repeatedly and publicly said that set conditions to Ukraine: $1 billion loan, the United States will be able to organize and to give Ukraine only after it is cleared by the Prosecutor General. What else you need? This is the signs of a crime, criminalizing treason. But not when this became known, not now, especially in the course of the year, when Zelensky – President, this, unfortunately, did not happen”, – said Viktor Medvedchuk.