Medvedchuk: “Flirting” Zelensky oligarchs can be qualified as acts of corruption by the President

Медведчук: "Заигрывания" Зеленского с олигархами могут быть квалифицированы как коррупционные действия со стороны президента

President Vladimir Zelensky instead to engage in the development of the economy, flirts with the oligarchs, i.e. the process of deoligarchization when Zelensky did not start. And if started, it is only in the mind or in separate videos of the President. This was stated by the Chairman of the political Council of the party “Opposition platform For life”, people’s Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Do you remember this legendary VoiceOver conversation Zelensky with the oligarchs – he decided to direct activities in the interests of Ukraine? Talked to one, decided the issue of imminent helps with others is also said to help. With the third not turned out so well, because he said: of course, I can paint two kiosk or two benches. And this was the end. On the one hand, it’s kind of funny, but we’re not on the representation of “95 Quarter”. Because I, as a lawyer, can qualify it as a corruption of the President. Because the President can’t agree on anything with the oligarchs, with the business. He is obliged to create conditions for businesses small, medium and large. And those, in turn, are required to pay taxes”, – said the politician.

Medvedchuk said that the government is building is not the President, not the government, not MPs – the government builds the taxpayer.

“And if this rule is not learned by the Executive branch, not taken up by the head of state, then unfortunately, we will never see. And so continues the process of looting Ukraine, as it did with Poroshenko. Continues the elimination of billions of dollars in lobbying bills that are held by the faction “people’s Servants”, which is probably properly called “Servants of Western masters”, “Servants of international speculators” such as Soros, the implementation of “the list” of the IMF. The adoption of laws that complicate the life of the business. After all, undertook the management of small and medium business. And actually destroy it. And a number of bills that were adopted, aimed at the so-called regulation because it is not a regulation, and not deregulation. It’s just trying to destroy it all in the Bud. And simultaneously write off debts of big business in the energy sector and in other areas. Ie create the conditions. Maybe because of the conversation that took place once? About which he is so humorous and friendly way, stated at a meeting with representatives of the business: how he successfully (as he says), talked with the oligarchs”, – said Medvedchuk.

Therefore, according to the opposition politician, Zelensky have to make a choice: who is he?

“With the robbers, who derive abroad the billions that destroy what’s left of our economy, or robbed. Ie with people – ordinary people, ordinary workers, decent standard of life which he, as President, is obliged to provide,” he said, Medvedchuk.

In it the opposition politician suggested that the head of state finally to decide whose interests it protects: foreign speculators or the Ukrainian people.

“Make the choice that waiting for You people. The choice, in the name of whom You received the highest in the history of Ukraine the mandate of the national trust. Follow the promises to the Ukrainians protect their rights and freedoms, and protect them from the lawlessness and looting, protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”, – called opposition politician.

Медведчук: "Заигрывания" Зеленского с олигархами могут быть квалифицированы как коррупционные действия со стороны президента

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