Medvedchuk: Our work inspires confidence that “the Opposition platform For life” will show a good performance in the local elections

Медведчук: Наша деятельность вселяет уверенность, что "Оппозиционная платформа - За жизнь" достойно выступит на местных выборах

The activities of the “Opposition platform For life” gives us confidence that the party will perform adequately in local elections.

The head of the party opsi Viktor Medvedchuk said in an interview with TV channel “112 Ukraine”, ZIK, NewsOne and “inter”.

He expressed the confidence that what they are doing, people appreciate it.

“And if you appreciate, then we have a chance that they will appreciate and in the field activities of the party, which not only came to Parliament and there has been unclear what, and she defends matters in which today, people believe, should be put to end. Or should be achieved a particular result. And here’s the most important thing in our business – I believe that our ideology – and I’m in charge of ideology in the party as Chairman of the Council – it is realized through the opinions, people’s attitudes. And evaluation to date, I believe, is extremely positive in our activities. And this gives us confidence that we are in a decent performance in the local elections”, – he said.

The politician also said that the party have ambitions.

“In respect of ambition – I mean, we have ambitions of the party. We have ambitions of political power. And when it is necessary to solve the question of what the ambitions will have to settle for one or the other leader or the members of our party, we will take the right, most importantly, objective solution. And concerning the fact that today, in my opinion, is very important, the team that works for the result, she must understand that she needs to perform any task. The task of implementing the party’s program – we have it clear, specific, without any kowtowing, without any attempt to please the voter. Specifically, we’re talking about, and we do specifically. We say that we are protecting the Russian-speaking population and its interests, and we do, despite all the attempts of national-radicals of today to oppose this and apply in relation to unlawful actions. We will not go down. We say that we will not allow discrimination of the Russian language, and we conduct this policy. We are talking about the need to radically change economic course, and we stand for. And we stand for and we will do this in the interests of the people in the local elections in particular”, – said Medvedchuk.