Medvedchuk release the driver Goryainov, who brought seven soldiers of the APU to the mercenaries of the Russian Federation

Медведчук освобождает водителя Горяинова, который завез семь воинов ВСУ к наемникам РФ

Maxim Goryainov, exemption of which from the captivity of the mercenaries Russia agreed to Putin’s godfather Victor Medvedchuk, contributed to the fact that in captivity at terrorists “LDNR” there were seven Ukrainian soldiers.

“Mr. Medvedchuk rescued one of eight Ukrainian soldiers who were recently captured, Goryainov Maxim. What would all understand, this man was driving and contributed to the machine with the military, among them my husband, Duvanov Kim, came to the territory they control. Now, who rescues Medvedchuk,” wrote the wife of the military.