Medvedchuk: Sanctions against Belarus – a shame for the Ukrainian government

Медведчук: Санкции против Беларуси - позор для украинской власти

Viktor Medvedchuk,

the Chairman of the political Council of the party

“The opposition platform For life”

A fast approaching global economic crisis and stagnation of the national economy, compounded by the pandemic coronavirus, Ukraine is vitally interested in the development of economic and political relations with our closest neighbours, increase trade and foreign economic cooperation. For this, Ukraine should restore trade and economic relations with the Russian Federation, mutually canceling the restrictions of economic activities, thereby ensuring the return of Ukrainian goods to the markets of Russia and CIS countries, which is one of the points of the anti-Crisis plan proposed by the “Opposition platform For life.”

Instead, you need to our economy, the Ukraine joined the EU sanctions against Belarus! It is such gratitude for the many years of efforts of Belarus in the organization and provision of a negotiating platform to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine and conspicuous “cross” on the Minsk agreements?

And this despite the fact that the Republic of Belarus is one of the largest trade-economic partners of Ukraine. Thus, the volume of export of Ukrainian goods to Belarus by the end of 2019 amounted to $1.55 billion While the volume of imported goods last year totaled $3.7 billion of Belarus exports to Ukraine of 45% gasoline, 35% diesel fuel, 25% liquefied gas, and food, agricultural equipment and many other products.

Such hostile actions towards our nearest neighbor can be taken as the complete inadequacy of the government and those officials responsible for the country’s foreign policy. Perhaps, after voting for the sale of Ukrainian land held under pressure and at the behest of the International monetary Fund, the Ukrainian government decided that on the international arena Ukraine below is nowhere to fall and the orders of those who exercise external control of our country, you can do not even for a penny in debt, and just at the click of your fingers from the West.

Insanity grows stronger – what’s next?