Medvedchuk: the Government of Ukraine leads to socio-economic disaster

Медведчук: Правительство ведет Украину к социально-экономической катастрофе

Viktor Medvedchuk,

the Chairman of the political Council of the party

“The opposition platform For life”

The last Cabinet decision on the extension of quarantine measures demonstrated a complete helplessness and incompetence of the authorities. Without ceasing to intimidate the population by fines, the amount of which (17 000-34 000) significantly exceeds the average monthly income of the majority of Ukrainians, the Cabinet still has not proposed any measures to ensure the material survival of millions of citizens left without a livelihood.

Registration of unemployed Ukrainians in the centers of employment – measure nearly useless, especially when these centres are closed for quarantine or other reasons.

In General, Ukrainians are deprived in most cases of the opportunity to continue employment, to financially support elderly parents to provide adequate food, even children.

This Cabinet is not even on the obvious measures of social support that do not require immediate expenses.

So, a heavy burden for Ukrainians remain utilities. The amount of debt on them by the beginning of March has already reached 66.7 billion UAH. However, despite repeated promises of the President, the tariffs are still high, and utilities can eat up a significant portion of the modest budget of Ukrainian families.

Traffic jams in the Ukrainian cities are actually organized at the direction of the Cabinet and is exacerbated by the lack of professionalism of mayors and transport services. It is significant that, despite the pandemic, in Rome, for example, underground works, and in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr – no. In Ukraine, even citizens who received permission to travel around the city, forced to stand for hours in endless queues at the bus stops.

Requirements of the Cabinet to use a mask and gloves everywhere is still not supported by the organization of their mass production and sale in drugstores at affordable prices. The impression is that the government runs a desert island, not a country still having a well-developed light industry.

At least offensive and hopelessly looks the decision of the Cabinet authorizing to operate pawnshops. This power, in fact, openly admits that he is not going to help ordinary Ukrainians more actively hinders their efforts to make an honest buck, but “generously” allows for a penny to sell the house recently.

With such ignorant and openly cynical approach of the current government socio-economic catastrophe in Ukraine is inevitable. Actually, it is already happening…