Medvedchuk: the Lack of instructions on protection from the coronavirus in the Russian language – a deliberate policy of the authorities of discriminating against Russian-speaking population

Медведчук: Отсутствие инструкций о защите от коронавируса на русском языке - целенаправленная политика власти по дискриминации русскоязычного населения

The Ministry of health together with the Ministry of culture has published recommendations to counter COVID -19 in Ukrainian, and in Polish, Tatar, Hungarian and Romanian. Materials in Russian are not present among them.

This is just another cynical action of the current government headed by President Zelensky, aimed at limiting the rights of Russian citizens. Moreover, in conditions of real threat of life and health of people is not only a discrimination of millions of citizens on linguistic grounds, but also a factor that increases the risk of infection.

In connection with the peculiarities of living of Russian citizens (dense settlement) and the fact that a significant portion of them are elderly people, translations into Russian language would be a priority for the government. However, he did not.

“The opposition platform For life,” made a translation of the published recommendations for the Russian language and spread it among millions of our citizens. In the future will make all efforts to Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine has received all the necessary information about anti-COVID-19.

We demand from the authorities to stop language discrimination of the Russian-speaking citizens and distribute materials that contribute to the protection from coronavirus, in the Russian language a special status which is enshrined in article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine: “In Ukraine, the free development, use and protection of Russian, other languages of national minorities of Ukraine”.

President Zelensky continued its criminal policy of Poroshenko, which is trying to impose to all people identity, inherent in only certain parts of the population. People who speak different languages, going to different churches, different appreciates and honors its history.

A road to nowhere, the path of division and disintegration of the country, the responsibility for which lies with the President Zelensky and his team.

Author: Viktor Medvedchuk,

the Chairman of the political Council of the party

“The opposition platform For life”