Medvedchuk: the Main objective of the future activities of the faction “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” in the Parliament will be aimed at implementation of the Minsk agreements

Медведчук: Главная задача будущей деятельности фракции "Оппозиционной платформы - За жизнь" в Раде будет направлена на реализацию минских соглашений

The strategic task of the party “Opposition platform For life” is to first and foremost to establish peace in Ukraine and stop the fighting. This was stated by the Chairman of the political Council of the party “Opposition platform? For life” Viktor Medvedchuk, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“For this we need to implement the Minsk agreements. And all our activity on bills will be tied for first place with the laws that are spelled out in the Minsk agreements, approved by the countries and heads of state “channel format” and approved by a resolution of the UN security Council, and turned the document in international law. This is the main task of the first”, – he said.

The second task of the faction in the future Parliament, according to policy, is due to changes in the economic course of the country.

“We need to change the economic situation, we have to review today a free trade zone with the EU, we have to go towards the abolition of mutual sanctions between Russia and CIS countries, we should restore economic relations to open the way for our exports… And if Poroshenko, who was involved in the faith and the army, and the history – he’s already dozanimalis to handle, today it is necessary to address the issues which unite the country”, – said Medvedchuk.

He noted that “the Opposition platform For life” was proposed and will be at the legislative level to make and implement the formula of national success. “Stitching up the country, we declared in its programme, adopted at the Congress. Stitching up the country is when the questions of faith, language and history will be made in the numerator and the denominator will be what unites us is the standard of living, level of income, the level and collaborative governance. That could unite the whole country, and all the other issues – of the bracket and solved taking into account the interests of all, and not to tear the country and sew it. Here are the tasks that we will perform in the Parliament”, – said Medvedchuk.

Earlier sociological company Seetarget reported that, according to its study, to the Parliament for snap elections on 21 July, there are five parties. According to the rating among those voters who intend to vote and have already decided on the choice, 42.5% of voters intend to vote for the party of the “servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov, 14,5% – for the party “Opposition platform For life,” Yuri Boiko and Vadim Rabinovich and Victor Medvedchuk, 8.2 per cent for the party “European solidarity” of Petro Poroshenko, 7.5% – for “the Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, 7,2% – for IN “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko.

Медведчук: Главная задача будущей деятельности фракции "Оппозиционной платформы - За жизнь" в Раде будет направлена на реализацию минских соглашений