Medvedchuk: Ukraine is collapsing, the government and the opposition must unite to combat coronavirus and save the economy

Медведчук: Украина рушится, власть и оппозиция должны объединиться для борьбы с коронавирусом и спасения экономики

Today’s monopolist in the Verkhovna Rada failed to vote at the meeting any question the votes 226 “plus”. This was stated by the Chairman of the political Council of the party “Opposition platform For life”, people’s Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today, the undeniable fact is that the majority coalition, which is represented by a single fraction “a Servant of the people”, and they created the coalition on August 29, she in fact did not vote on any question the votes 226+. That’s what she needs to demonstrate, because they are, in fact, a lot more and therefore, they represent the coalition, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, but in any vote they make today are unable. And so, when the first vote came the President, in order to encourage the members of the “public Servants” to ensure that decisions scheduled today who blackmail trying to get in BP, they were accepted. That is why the presence here today of the President. I think if it was not, then the fraction of “servant of the people” would not give votes for any single bill. And then was resolved personnel problems, and now they hope to vote earth,” he said.

Also Medvedchuk believes that if President Vladimir Zelenci was not present at the meeting of Parliament, his faction did not have enough votes.

“If the President was absent in BP, it is unlikely that they would have had the votes in order to vote, including for land. That’s the main reason for his presence. But I want to focus on the fact that the coalition, as such, today did not exist. Whether it will be in the future – we’ll see. But this is another circumstance which shows that in government there is no agreement, the government is falling apart from the inside, and we see today. And I, as a representative of the opposition, on the one hand, that should, supposedly, be happy. But, in terms of suppression of coronavirus, in crisis in the economic and social sphere, in terms of what our country is all indicators are not just falling down, and crashing down the cliff and was flying, then I, of course, extremely dissatisfied with this, and I think that today the government and the opposition should unite in order to ensure the survival of the country, to ensure the fight against coronavirus, and prevent total collapse”, – stated the politician.

Earlier, Medvedchuk said that the party “servant of the people” wants to force “the Opposition platform For life” to pass a bill authorizing the sale of Ukrainian land.

Медведчук: Украина рушится, власть и оппозиция должны объединиться для борьбы с коронавирусом и спасения экономики