“Medvedev:” Putin could put Arshakovich to improve its record low rating

«Медведев - следующий»: Путин мог посадить Арашуковых, чтобы поправить свой рекордно низкий рейтинг

Impact on 30 billion rubles for gas for the country’s economy could not tolerate the Russian government, the arrest of Senator Karachay-Cherkessia Arashukova right in the hall of the Federation Council. Next on the dock was his father, and the investigation has opened cases against several of the chapters in the gas industry. How come high-profile case of theft and murder could be part of a more detailed and serious plan of the Russian government.

Resonant event became public after a high-profile arrest of the Senator from Karachay-Cherkessia Rauf Arashukov on charges of creating a criminal Association, embezzlement in especially large sizes, the murder of two people (the business was conducted since 2010, but recently was transferred to the high IC). After Rauf was arrested by his father Raul Arashukov, General Director of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz”, the same charges – theft of gas amounting to 30 billion rubles.

In addition, in this case, the planned arrest of a number of managers of major gas companies of the country. Everything seemed to be just 30 billion stolen from the country and the people, to forgive is difficult. But, as it turns out, the process is much more complicated.

Immediately after the St. Petersburg policy Foundation has provided the court statistics on criminal prosecution of the highest Federal officials over the past 27 years. According to her, the number of “plant” is gradually increased from the beginning of the 90s, and the peak of this process occurred in 2018, 14 people were detained on charges of different severity.

Peak “landing” came in 2018, when Vladimir Putin embarked on his next electoral term. The first months of his new reign, marked by unpopular measures – the pension reform, the tax on self-employment and agriculture. Of course, thus the country began to “monetize” previously undeveloped sources of income to the state budget.

“Dragged to the grave”: the media Empire of Putin and Kabaeva may crash due to the widow of Mikhail Zadornov

Asking for 4.5 million rubles filed by the Welt Zadornova to the First channel that the widow of Mikhail Zadornov accused in the illegal screening of concerts satirist, recently announced almost all the major media….

The moment verified successfully – in the beginning of the period. Such measures at the end of the presidential six-year-old would be given every chance to bury the hopes of Putin’s further rule the country. As you know, the President’s rating has fallen to 36%, which was not heavy 2006.

“Mnogohodovochki” Putin, regularly dumbfounded “Western partners” surgical strikes around the world, is quite applicable in Russia. For example, by getting rid of undesirables – such as Arashukova. Translation of popular anger, the conviction of the truly guilty, give “let off steam” and, in the Wake of new developments, rediscovered trust to the President.

But who’s next? We all know, some top officials of the country regularly allow myself to give unacceptable for their status “pearl” is and Medvedev, with his “no money, but you hold on,” and Finance Minister Siluanov, whose people’s reaction to pension reform “was a surprise”.

Russia decided to approve of the President and hate the government Cabinet. But overall, it is clear that both are part of one system working together. That is, the “idiocy” of senior officials someone needs something, otherwise they would have found a replacement.

But, most of all, “cleaning” is from the bottom. First it was the Ministry of labour Saratov region with its “macroscale”. Then Olga Glatskikh with her “didn’t ask to give birth”. Marina Yudenich with her recent “You are in this budget is something put to it to take?” still holds, but probably will not last long.

And now Arashukova accomplices in the highest ranks of the gas industry, dealing with astronomical 30 billion Given that the number of “landings” and the volume of cases is only growing, in 2019 we can expect a particularly high-profile cases about especially large fish such as Dmitry Medvedev – this earned people’s hatred for a long time and regularly.

Knowing hitromudroy Vladimir Putin, it is expected that this large card is played when it is most profitable. Including to it, the President’s personal rating.

«Медведев - следующий»: Путин мог посадить Арашуковых, чтобы поправить свой рекордно низкий рейтинг

«Медведев - следующий»: Путин мог посадить Арашуковых, чтобы поправить свой рекордно низкий рейтинг

«Медведев - следующий»: Путин мог посадить Арашуковых, чтобы поправить свой рекордно низкий рейтинг