Meet the new year without my mom? Malakhov will kidnap the child after the divorce?

More than obvious that Natalia will not give up son Andrew in the event of a divorce.

Not so long ago in the network appeared rumors that Andrey Malakhov is going to divorce with his wife. Such conversations appeared immediately after the TV host announced that he was leaving the journal Star Hit, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Surely the question will arise who will remain a baby, because both of his parents, he is the firstborn, and they’re going to leave the baby with him.

Of course, no one voluntarily baby Andrei will not give up, and therefore, it is logical to assume that Malakhov will kidnap the child after the divorce.

According to information obtained from the circle of friends of the family, the spouses have already started the process of obtaining a divorce and filed the necessary documents to the relevant authorities.

It is likely that the child will meet new year without my mom, because it is more than obvious that she just hates to lose, but because it will do literally everything to achieve this.

It is worth noting that the last time Andrew see in the company of a young lady, apparently, that this was the cause of discord between the spouses.

It was impossible to notice that the last six months Andrew and Natasha lost interest in each other and have ceased to hide it. It is likely that the joint was supposed to strengthen the Union, but, unfortunately, it will only become a stumbling block between the ex-lovers in the case of divorce, although the sincerity of their feelings, no one believed from the beginning.