“Meeting with Nibiru”: Analysts have described the new life of humanity

Lack of fuel, sodas, taxes, experts foresee in the near future.

«Встреча с Нибиру»: Аналитики описали новую жизнь человечества

Reports of the approach of Planet X Nibiru became a sensation for the Russians. Farewell to relatives and picking up suitcases have become the norm for dozens of Network users that spoke about this in the Internet. However, a possible meeting with the mysterious threat has forced the skeptics to think about what our planet after unpredictable behavior and razmahnutsya field of the Earth. Analysts have described the new life of mankind. Turned out to be. That new world will not remain without taxation.

“IRS (IRS) has decided to continue to collect taxes even after a nuclear attack. Under the guide of this control, they will resume the collection of fees within 30 days after the attack”, – stated in the message of economists.

«Встреча с Нибиру»: Аналитики описали новую жизнь человечества

Humanity will return to the mail pigeons. This is now taught in the people’s liberation army of China. The rejection of the Internet, social media or email will make people find new ways of transmitting information according to past experience. Popular entertainment will be wrestling, he’s popular in the US and less known in Russia. Bacteria are also used in the “flash storage”. Humanity will have problems with fuel due to the reduction of the shelf life of the liquids. A new world made for humans is fresh water, beer and soda, which easily transports all the disasters and save the presentation. For the life of earthlings organize a single giant granary, which will help to farm and to feed those who remained alive. To eat additives, in addition to plants, people will print on 3D-printer meal worms that will substitute for modern cereals. Scientists portend that the satellite “Lageos-1” will be near the Ground and will be “hours” for the survivors.

«Встреча с Нибиру»: Аналитики описали новую жизнь человечества

The most important innovation will be an unusual project Hornsleth deep burial. It is expected that the Illustrator Christian von Hornslet will make the sculpture at the bottom of the Mariinsky basin. The installation will be made in the form of a bizarre star that is filled with samples of human blood and hair, taken more than 5000 people from around the world. Apart from the fact that it is a work of art, the purpose of Christian background Hornslet is simple: to preserve the genome of the people in security.

Thus, scientists wanted to calculate the probability of preservation of life on the planet and to foresee new scenarios for the development of civilization after a meeting with Nibiru.

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