“Megabytes”: a new service measure the speed of your Internet connection

«Мегабитус»: новый сервис измерения скорости интернет-соединения

In Russia began to operate the new service measurement speed access to the Internet under the name “Megabytes”. Interacting with them provides mobile applications for Android and iOS, and the web version of the service will allow you to measure the connection speed on the computer. It is free and allows you to check the speed of broadband, cellular or Wi-Fi connection on any device.

“Megabytes” promises true rates of speed, to achieve which it is possible due to the fact that the service doesn’t work the way most counterparts. Many services in the process of measuring speed, choose the server that is closest to the user geographically.

In contrast, the server “Megabytes” located in major data centers. There are also points of exchange of backbone traffic. Simply put, the servers “Megabytes” located there, where many of the resources of the Runet that in the first place the Russian-speaking users.

Another feature is that anyone can send your location and make the measurements available to the public. This means that each service user will be able to see what speed you get customers of a particular ISP, for example, living within the same district. This can be useful because users will be able to estimate the rate provided by different providers. Based on this it will be easier to choose a service provider for yourself.

Service “Megabytes” is a project of the information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily, which since 2005 acts as the independent auditor of the quality of communication networks.

According to reports, the app “Megabytes” does not request access to personal data, not running in the background and does not pass any information to foreign servers. To start using the service, simply download the appropriate mobile app or go to web site “Megabytes”.