Megan Fox firmly told her husband that she is already Dating others

Меган Фокс жестко сообщила мужу, что уже встречается с другим

In the last few weeks personal life Megan Fox has become one of the top subjects of American tabloids.

Recently there have been rumors that the happy life 34-year-old American actress Megan Fox with a 46-year-old Brian Austin green have ended.

Media reported that Megan allegedly left her husband and had an affair with 30-year-old Colson Baker.

Maybe the rumors would attract such public attention, but Megan appeared in the musical work of the Colson! She played a major role in the video for the song Bloody Valentine (single included in the forthcoming album).

Note that Brian Austin green, with whom Megan lived for 10 years and gave birth to three sons, recently said about the friendly relations of his wife with the Baker. However, insiders claim that the friendly relations between the pair had been left behind and we are talking about a passionate affair.

Some even believe that part in the clip is a public message Megan to her husband that she is now with another.

Greene, in turn, said:

I don’t want people to think that he and Megan are bad, but I’m the victim, because it is not so.