Megan Markle is gone, the assistant who worked in the Palace for 17 years, media

The Duchess of Sussex was caught in a scandalous situation. Assistant Meghan Markle Samantha Cohen, which took on the work of Her Majesty in 2002, resigned.

As reported by the journalists of The Sun, as yet unknown official reasons for the dismissal of the 51-year-old Samantha Cohen. In the media I suspect that the decision of the assistant Meghan Markle affected by the scandal involving the Dukes of Sussex for the use of private jets.

Samantha Cohen found another prestigious job, which is not connected to Kensington Palace. Promising Australian woman has become a spokeswoman for the charity Cool Earth, which deals with environmental issues. In particular, now Samantha Cohen will fight against carbon emissions in the atmosphere that occur as a result of private flights. At the same time, Megan Markle will be forced again to look for his assistant.

What is known about the scandal involving the DukesInside August 2019 became known that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a young son flew to nice. The pair used the regular flight, selecting a private jet. Later it turned out that the flight they paid Elton John who is the owner of the aircraft. However, the Dukes of Sussex still was accused of hypocrisy: spouses publicly to protect the environment, but do not take into account that private jets emit 7 times more dioxide oxygen per person than a commercial flight.

Now the members of the Royal family did not comment on the dismissal of Samantha Cohen. It is known that to work in the residence of Queen Elizabeth II she worked for the Australian government. From 2011 to 2018 Samantha was the head of the press service of Her Majesty. To leave Cohen wanted much earlier, however, according to insiders, it was prevented by the promise which she gave to the monarch. So Samantha helped Meghan Markle adaptation and a return to Royal duties after the birth of Archie. According to media reports, is Elizabeth II has appointed Samantha Cohen personal assistant to the Duchess of Sussex.

От Меган Маркл ушла помощница, которая работала во дворце 17 лет, – СМИ

От Меган Маркл ушла помощница, которая работала во дворце 17 лет, – СМИ

Samantha Cohen / Getty Images

Interestingly, this is not the first assistant Meghan Markle, who resigned. Earlier at least three nanny refused to work with the Duchess of Sussex. All in one voice declared that the American woman has unbearable character, and even did not allow them to hold little Archie on his hands. In addition, from the Palace left the pilot of the Queen, who claimed that while pregnant Meghan Markle turned his work in courier.