Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally fell out with Kate Middleton and Prince William media

Меган Маркл и принц Гарри окончательно рассорились с Кейт Миддлтон и принцем Уильямом - СМИ

Rumors about the conflict between the Dukes of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge walk for a long time.

This is reported

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally fell out with Kate Middleton and Prince William. The rumors of a break between two couples go for a very long time since Dating Harry with actress Megan. Experts call different causes of quarrels between the families of the Dukes, but recently became a famous one, writes a Western tabloid

According to Royal expert, the recent remarks of Megan and Harry’s plans for the future of your family could hit the pride of the family of the Dukes of Cambridge and mother of Kate Middleton.

So, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has recently hinted that he did not want any more children, also considering adoption of a toddler and Africa. Unwillingness to have more children, they explained the desire to “save the planet”, where overpopulation threatens food crisis.

Of course, the expert believes, the words Kate and William took as a stone in the garden of their large family.

In addition, the resentment caused Kate’s recent cover of British Vogue, was working on Meghan Markle as guest editor. The expert believes that Kate freaked out when she found out that Megan has no plans to appear on the cover, as did Kate in 2016.

For the Duchess of Cambridge this reluctance could be a symptom of excessive pride Meghan Markle – says a Royal expert.

Recall that a new wave of rumors of a rift between the families rose after it became known that Kate and William moved their trip to Scotland in order to miss Megan and Harry. In addition, the Dukes of Cambridge will be during the holidays to not live at Balmoral Castle with the Queen, as Duke of Sussex, and in a remote cottage.