Meghan Markle at the epicenter of the scandal, the Duchess accused of plagiarism covers for Vogue

Меган Маркл в эпицентре скандала: герцогиню обвиняют в плагиате обложки для Vogue

September issue of Vogue magazine has not had time to go on sale, as all around him is big scandal broke. Duchess Meghan Markle, who was invited by the editor of gloss, accused of plagiarism.

Today, July 29, the network announced the release of the special rooms of British Vogue. The gloss attracted a lot of attention of the British, as its Creator was the Duchess of Sussex. For the main photo Meghan Markle invited famous models, Actresses, and social workers. Sixteenth photo she symbolically left empty, so that every reader has tried on on itself a role of the heroine of the issue.

Меган Маркл в эпицентре скандала: герцогиню обвиняют в плагиате обложки для Vogue

The cover of Vogue, which was created by Meghan Markle / Photo: Instagram / @sussexroyal

However, if many such a concept is touched, the others revolted. According to The Daily Mail, in a cover found plagiarism. In Vogue all photos of celebrities were posted in the squares, as earlier it was made by Australian writer Samantha Brett and Steph Adams. In 2016, they released a book called “game-Changing”, the cover of which has posted photos of 15 famous women who are changing the world and destroy the stereotypes. Among them was actress Meghan Markle.

Journalists claim that the Duchess of Sussex gave an interview to the writers and instead got a few copies of the book. That’s why Meghan Markle had the edition from which plagiochila not only cover, but also the topic of Vogue will be released with the theme “Force for change”, which is the Foundation book of Australian women writers.

In addition, the hardcover edition were in black and white, as in the creation of the Duchess of Sussex. Already in 2017 Samantha and Steph reissued the book, making the cover color. For several years, “game-Changing” became a bestseller, and the author has received international recognition.

Меган Маркл в эпицентре скандала: герцогиню обвиняют в плагиате обложки для Vogue

Meghan Markle was accused of plagiarism / Photo: The Daily Mail

Considerable criticism of the cover and received in the network. People were outraged, why is Meghan Markle was not invited for shooting star with an Asian appearance.

“Is this a joke? Where are the women who are not supermodels or wives of billionaires? Where are the women with an Asian appearance? Those are the real heroes, because every day changing the world and not satisfy their own ego,” wrote the indignant netizens, reports the Express.