Meghan Markle has banned Prince Harry to meet with the patient coronavirus father Charles

Yesterday, March 25, it became known that the father of the Duke of Sussex Prince Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus. Prince Harry wants to see him, but his wife is against such a visit.

Coronavirus mercilessly affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world. From the disease no one is immune, even the Royal family. Caught the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. The Dukes of Sussex was sorry to hear this news, but soon will not be able to see him. Megan forbade her husband to return to the UK, while in the world, the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus. This told the insider publication The Daily Mail.

It States that Harry talked with his father and even wanted to visit it, but Meghan Markle vs to do it now. Until the world the epidemic of the coronavirus, any trip can become fatal. And in connection with quarantine measures, imposed because of Covid-19, to travel abroad practical impossible.

The Dukes of Sussex with her son Archie are now in the canadian city of Vancouver. The family adheres to the quarantine mode and forces the staff to follow the hygiene rules and wear latex gloves.

The patient Prince Charles along with his wife is in isolation in Scotland. His health condition is satisfactory. Duchess Camilla Chornoliska the disease from her husband is not picked up.

Note, as of 25 March, the world confirmed 463 418 cases of coronavirus disease Covid-19. Of them 20 912 people died, 113 802 fully recovered. To reduce the infection is necessary to comply with the rules of quarantine, and wash hands thoroughly.

Rules that can save lives / Infographic 24 channel