“Meghan Markle – not Princess Diana”: piers Morgan criticized George Clooney for his statement

«Меган Маркл - далеко не принцесса Диана»: Пирс Морган раскритиковал Джорджа Клуни за его высказывание

Recently in the regiment of defenders Meghan Markle arrived – George Clooney said that the Duchess of Sussex unfairly criticized in the media. But this fact failed to prevent a wave of new attacks on Megan. British journalist piers Morgan delivered a monologue in the Daily Mail, where he tried to refute the words of Clooney.

With a journalist Markle met in 2015, when he starred in “Force majeure”. They actively communicate on Twitter.

To meet the actress and the journalist was only in 2016, when Markle arrived in London. Morgan invited her to his favorite pub Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington. They sat in the pub half an hour – during this time, Megan revealed few details of his personal life. The actress also asked the Pierce a few tips about his career and relations with journalists. They agreed that Megan Markle will be the guest of Piers Morgan’s “Good Morning Britain”. However, the same evening there was a fatal meeting Megan with Prince Harry, and the actress had forgotten about Piers Morgan.

The journalist was very touched, and since he’s trying to prove to everyone that Megan is selfish, insincere, materialistic woman – with this message he delivered recently in the Daily Mail.

“Someone recently told me a sad story concerning the wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And told her man that very well knows this couple and was one of 250 guests at a private party in Frogmore house. Three of the closest friends Harry had not been invited. These guys are not just friends, they went along with Harry a long way. And certainly no invitation to hurt them. But their confusion only increased when they saw who had received the invitation – a huge number of celebrities, like Beckham, Elton John, James Corden, Idris Elba, Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, George and Amal Clooney. “We pushed to the side because people more famous than us,” – noted with regret the three men.

The same feeling was shared by the whole family Megan, from which no one – not counting parents, was not invited to the ceremony or the party. In the end, and the father of Megan, Thomas did not come to Britain “because of health problems” after the scandal with paparazzioznie photo. That is her mother Doria of Ragland was the only one in the family, included in the huge list of guests (600 employees&33;). Guests, Megan was busy with people like Oprah Winfrey, it is somewhat surprising that those who believe wedding is a family event.

All of this I was not too shocked, since I have personal experience of chatting and meeting with Mrs. Markle. And this experience convinced me that it is a ruthless social climber.

No wonder her family is not delighted with her new role. She threw them all like a sack of rotten potatoes so that they are not poisoned her new perfect Royal life”, wrote Morgan.

Pierce also quoted George Clooney where he talks about the similarities Meghan Markle and Princess Diana. The comparison especially angered the journalist.

“Hmmmm. How much time George had spoken these words, if we consider that only recently, five close friends Megan made her protection in People magazine. It really reminds me of the behavior of Princess Diana, which condemned the press for prosecution, but at the same time repeatedly entered her in a conspiracy (I know whereof I speak, I am one of those journalists&33;) to achieve positive coverage private person or to settle scores with people who she didn’t like.

George, of course, believes that it is in this respect consistent. He accuses the media of the Princess’s death, and pretends that there is no relation between using the media to promote his person or his brand and response – albeit a very obsessive – interest in these same media to the same celebrity. But I have this connection see&33;

When she met Harry, Megan was not a naive innocent 19-year-old girl, as Diana. She was a 35-year-old divorced woman with a successful acting career, who knew exactly what was going on.

She was fascinated by the beautiful Prince, who is much younger than her, and is now enjoying a life of luxury in palaces. She was trying to milk a few drops of world fame and attention before it all came crashing down on her with a vengeance.

But not in any way compare the amount of press attention, chained to it, so that was a chance to experience Princess Diana. She was the biggest star on the planet. Megan is not even in the top three biggest stars, living in Kensington Palace. And Clooney is wrong not only on this account”.

In addition, piers Morgan explained that Megan herself disowned from her family, and now blames her for his problems.

“Wrong and his accusations against the family of Megan allegedly supplying the media with negative headlines. They are just judging her for what she disowned them, and they hurt.

In her letter to father, which he made public only this week after the release of the relevant People magazine, speaks only about HER feelings, about HER marriage, about HER life and HER pain. What about the feelings of the father – his life, HIS pain?

I interviewed him twice, and I have the impression that Thomas is a perfectly normal man who just has no idea what to do with the huge amount of media attention that descended on him after the marriage of his daughter. Yes, he made some mistakes, but he recognized them. And he also lost his daughter which was raised, trained and had helped to succeed.

Megan may be trying to pass the buck and blame on to the father, but unless she can convince all of us in their perfection? I am surprised that Harry still didn’t meet his wife’s father. I am surprised that neither Harry nor Meghan still did not see Thomas, even after he suffered a heart attack&33; I wonder what George Clooney thinks it’s a good idea to blame the media and compare Megan with Diana. Clooney is a smart guy. He had to take his place at the wedding, but secretly to share the General confusion about the presence of only one member of the family of the bride among the boundless sea of celebrities.

The problem is not in the media, and in a toxic relationship, Megan with her family. And good friends would advise her to sit with her husband on a plane to visit my father until it was too late. But whether George Clooney is her TRUE friend or is he just one of those celebrities, which caught Megan? To honestly answer this question, hardly anyone will dare”.

«Меган Маркл - далеко не принцесса Диана»: Пирс Морган раскритиковал Джорджа Клуни за его высказывание

«Меган Маркл - далеко не принцесса Диана»: Пирс Морган раскритиковал Джорджа Клуни за его высказывание