Meitu presented your cosmetic product

Meitu представила свой косметический продукт

It seems not only Xiaomi produces a wide range of products. Another Chinese manufacturer Meitu is also beginning to produce, which is not typical for the company.

The company released its cosmetic product, called Meitu Spa. It is made of food grade silicone. Also it has metal parts that are resistant to the effects of sensitive materials and comply with FDA standards.

It has 4 different modes of skin care:

  1. Sonic Cleansing
  2. Deep Derivation,
  3. Nourishing Import
  4. Sensitive Massage.

Smart chips. Meitu Spa has an intelligent mode, so it can be connected to the smartphone. On the phone, you must install a special application.

The device supports a temperature range that you can configure with the program. Work Meitu Spa on the battery capacity of 850 mAh. This should cover the 344 times without recharging.

Price. Meitu Spa will go on sale from 23 April. Its price is 598 yuan (89 dollars or 2400 UAH).

Meitu представила свой косметический продукт

Meitu Spa is a smart mode

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