Meizu in crisis, Apple Card will appear in August and Borba Instagram meme: TOP news of the week

Meizu в кризисе, Apple Card появится в августе и борба Instagram с мемами: ТОП новостей недели

Every day there are so many events that all hard to follow. And thanks to such a rich flow of information to the end of the week at all easy to forget that it was Monday.

Therefore, CI Tech has prepared for you the most significant events of the past 7 days in our category TOP news stories of the week.

Meizu in crisis: the company laid off 30% of staff and closed nearly all shops

Recently there has been little news about the Meizu, and it is not strange company almost falling apart, all “news” long ago someone came up with, and the price of the existing models omit for the sake of sales. The company came a wave of cuts that affected the marketing Department. Since the beginning of 2019 the state has decreased by almost three times, and now workers have less than a thousand. Also with this reduction, closed almost all retail stores: in 2016, there were 2 700, now only five. In addition, left the company important employees – Vice President Lee, national Academy of Sciences and a leading developer of Hong Hanchen responsible for developing shell Flyme OS. There were rumors that the company began to collapse in 2017, when the founder Huang Zhang divided the company into three separate brand (Meizu Blue Charm and Flyme). Yet the future of the company is unknown, as income, in addition as from smartphones, it does not. Last year, Meizu celebrated its 15th anniversary in the market, but this test will be crucial for her.

The Apple Card will appear in August

Recently, we talked about the fact that Apple employees are testing a new credit card company for yourself. Now it became known that the official release plan this summer. “Thousands of Apple employees use Apple Card every day in beta, and we will be introducing the Apple Card in August,” said Apple CEO Tim cook. This is great news for American fans of the company, as would be supplied by cards in other countries – is unknown. But if this happens, this card will appeal to many. We also talked about additional prohibitions on the map. About what not to do with an Apple Card, read here.

Instagram started the fight with the meme

These days everyone tries to earn as best he can. This is especially common on the Internet where you can do advertising, blogging and selling things. Instagram has decided to fight with those who receives the money and pays no taxes. Appeared the information that the social network has deleted the accounts from one million memes and jokes. In the first place that caught large accounts that are not decorated. If bloggers can register and pay taxes, then such accounts yet there is no solution. The press-Secretary of Facebook confirmed that Instagram closes accounts that violate the terms of use of the company.

Windows 10 will get feature OS restore using the cloud

Microsoft plans to improve the way reset or refresh PC with Windows 10. The company has revealed it is testing a new option “cloud download” to reset Windows 10 in the event of hardware failure or OS reinstallation. Although this feature is not yet available for public testing, it will appear on devices when the computer is booted in a failed state.Most likely it will be similar to how Apple introduces a reinstallation of macOS with the ability to reinstall your operating system by downloading copies from the cloud. In fact, Microsoft recently used a similar function for its Surface, allowing the devices to “recover from cloud” by uploading a copy of Windows 10 and reinstalling it.

Google is testing a paid subscription in Google Play store

Google is actively testing a subscription Play Pass. Its users will get access to hundreds of premium apps, including games and a variety of services. Play Pass will also liberate some from ads and in-app purchases and will offer users free games, one of which will be Stardew Valley is unlocked in-game content. The developers have prepared a special section Explore Google Play Pass, where they will find offers to users. In addition, the games included in the subscription will be marked with a purple banner under the button “Buy”.

Astronomers have discovered a planet where life can be

An international team of astronomers led by Lisa Kaltenegger from Cornell discovered the first potentially habitable planet outside our Solar system. Exoplanet GJ 357 d is located at a distance of 31 light years from Earth. This planet was discovered in early 2019 Transit satellite for the study of exoplanets (TESS) NASA. Astronomers noticed the planet on the background of the disk of their parent stars. Took her to the class supertall, which are much higher than our planet for its mass. “It’s very exciting because this is the first in the history of mankind-earths, which is nearby,” said Lisa Kaltenegger.

Above the Earth asteroid will fly by

Aug 10, above the Earth will fly asteroid, which is bigger than Empire State Building. Asteroid 2006 QQ23 really close to our planet, but will fly past and people have nothing to fear. Lindley Johnson, Kelly Fast from the office for the coordination of planetary defense NASA follow objects that are close to the Earth: asteroids, comets and other space phenomena. Tracking such objects is part of the protective mechanism which ensures that none of them get too close to our planet.

Instagram and WhatsApp will be renamed: what does it mean

Facebook seems to want us to understand “who’s boss”. So now the names of Instagram and WhatsApp will appear to add a “from Facebook”. This change is already present at Oculus and the Workplace. Now we have “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook”. Full names will only be visible in the App Store and Google Play. On the screen these changes are not planning (yet). But probably this Addendum will appear on the screen of the application. “We want to clarify the products and?? services that are part of Facebook”, – said the representative of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has already presented his Grand vision of a connected (and end-to-end encrypted) messaging between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Donald trump introduces additional duties on goods from China

About a month ago, the presidents of the United States Donald trump and China’s XI Jinping went to peremirie trade and economic relations. Then everyone was talking about the fact that the United States would not impose additional duties, but no one talked about what to do or not to do China. As it turned out, “China has agreed to buy agricultural products from the United States in large volumes, but never did. Finally, my friend C said that it will stop selling fentanyl in the US, but this has not happened, and many Americans continue to die!”, explained trump. The President of the United States. For reference: fentanyl – an opioid analgesic Chinese, very popular in America, as drugs sold in pharmacies. Now Donald trump feels cheated, since the agreement with China was not fulfilled. “We thought we had a deal with China three months ago, but, unfortunately, China has decided to change the terms before signing the agreement,” he concluded. As a result, on the first of September will be a number of additional duties on Chinese goods. This measure would affect products from China, totaling $ 300 billion, and they will be imposed an additional import duty in the amount of ten percent. But that’s not all: the taxes you have to pay up to the moment when Washington and Beijing not to sign a trade conclusion, as the words, as it turned out, the Chinese can not be trusted.

Also this week we visited the launch of the new Lenovo ThinkBook 13s and did a mini-review on it. In addition, there were presented and other models of laptops. We also said that Ukrainians will be able to see a meteor shower. Where and when – find out here.

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