Meladze started: dzhanabaeva took off his clothes – only the red “pins”

Меладзе вздрогнул: Джанабаева сняла одежду - только красные "шпильки"

Actress, TV presenter and popular Russian singer Albina dzhanabaeva today, April 9, celebrating its 41 anniversary.

The woman showed herself in Instagram in all its glory. She wore a red bodysuit that tight, the same fiery red pumps high heels and sat down on the stool.

“Put on your best dress, gather my thoughts, it is important to come to this beautiful world, no matter what” – she wrote on the social network.

Admittedly, that looks favorite female singer Valery Meladze simply stunning.

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Put on your best attire?, together nicely because it is important to come into the world, no matter what????? parents wastelock soon dostrece off……10,9,8,7,6,5,4………??????

Publication of Albina dzhanabaeva (@albinadzhanabaeva)

Note that performing musical hits, popular female pop group “VIA GRA” Albina dzhanabaeva and Meladze met. Over time, the honey they fell in the violent but secret affair and the singer gave birth to Valery Meladze son. The fact that the couple have a child was carefully concealed from the media and from the family Meladze. As the singer was married and had grown up daughter. But the secret sooner or later becomes apparent, and now the couple lives together the popular singer for a new family, and beauty Dzhanabaeva divorced ex-wife.

Меладзе вздрогнул: Джанабаева сняла одежду - только красные "шпильки"