Melitopol pilots reassured the alarmists who may be scared flying over the city

Мелитопольские летчики успокоили паникеров, которых пугают полеты над городом

Melitopol has long been considered a city of gardeners, machinists and pilots. The city stationed a military unit А3840 air transport aircraft. And flight training of pilots Melitopol many citizens have become accustomed. But not all. There are those, whom they frightened and lead to heart attacks. They write complaint letters for a command with a demand to stop this disgrace.

Complaints poured in after a recent training flight over the city when planes flew at an altitude of bird flight. Some it brought joy, others are not frightened, clutching at his heart, assumed that the pilot is not experienced or something went wrong.

To address RF the angry letter sent to a resident of Sandy pensioner Nikolay Vladimirovich. The commander of the military Dmitri Mymrikov in response noted that the flights of servicemen of the RF carried out with compliance to all safety standards according to the Instructions and that these flights are not contrary to the guiding documents.

Only major cities and capitals are favoured in demonstration flights and air parades. And in the majority of urban residents gratefully welcome such flights, and with the enthusiasm of watching the great creation of the human mind and human hands. Therefore, servicemen of our unit it is a pity that there were some people who didn’t like it. In the future, the leadership of the military unit will inform in advance the flights over our glorious Melitopol, – said the commander.