Melitopol strongman got the title “Ambassador of Melitopol”

Мелитопольский стронгмен получил звание «Амбасадор Мелитополя»

Today before a meeting of the Executive Committee Deputy mayor Irina Rudakova was awarded a certificate of “Ambassador of the city” saveuue the Department of physical education and sports THATO,the President of Federation of a Power Extreme in the Ukraine Valeriy Gazaev.

In Melitopol for more than a year of successfully running the school for ambassadors, visited by people who have taken on the mission to promote Melitopol at national and international levels. Now they joined the ranks of the local strongman.

– I am very glad of what happened! Will do anything to cities and countries around the world, where I am, I learned and got acquainted with our favorite city!

This year’s planned trip to France, the UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Kazakhstan. And I’ll start his “tour” next week with a visit to Saudi Arabia.

By virtue of their professional activities I often talk with representatives of the government, the Ministry of sports, heads of various state and public structures of many countries in the world that allows you to share important professional experience and to cooperate in sports and social direction. From this point on will be even harder to work on positive image of Melitopol – wrote Valery Gazaev.

Мелитопольский стронгмен получил звание «Амбасадор Мелитополя»

Мелитопольский стронгмен получил звание «Амбасадор Мелитополя»