Melitopol, the driver accused the officer of wrongdoing

Мелитопольский водитель обвинил сотрудника полиции в противоправных действиях

The driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has addressed in court with the requirement to cancel the decision made on him by law enforcement to recognize illegal actions of the police.

Its statement of claim the man is motivated by the fact that on September 30, about 19 hours. 50 min, he was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee on the street Kostenko in Melitopol. He was stopped by police inspector Ivanov Sergey Nikolayevich, who asked to produce documents to verify the right operation of the vehicle.

After the presentation of the documents the police officer wanted to verify the existence of the insurance policy, and received a refusal, because, according to the applicant, the inspector had no legal basis to require it.

Then the inspector said he operates the vehicle in case of technical faults, namely, windshield has a crack, and not illuminated number plate in the dark, with the result that it is impossible to identify at a distance of 20 metres.

In this regard, issued a decree, according to which the driver brought to administrative responsibility according to part 1 and part 6 of article 121, part 1 of article 126 of the Cao, it imposed a penalty of 425 hryvnias.

The plaintiff believes that the decision issued with gross violation of Ukrainian legislation, as the very event of administrative offence and the lack of evidence. The actions of the police officer he asked to recognize illegal.

The court, having examined the case, came to the driver’s side. In its decision says that the police officer, with all the opportunities for the collection and recording of violation, offered no evidence.

On this basis, the decision was reversed, the administrative proceedings are closed. Furthermore, an assessment of the police actions, the court did not, therefore, satisfied the claim partially.