Melitopolske had to take birth from herself in the back seat of a Muscovite

Мелитопольчанке пришлось принимать роды у самой себя на заднем сидении Москвича

The birth of a child is one of the most joyous events in life. And midwives – the only one who can see this miracle every day. Midwife delivery room Melitopol hospital Antonina Khalilov on the eve of the professional holiday of medical workers told who is good and, itself at birth took.

Midwifery as a vocation

In the Melitopol hospital Antonina Khalilov the most experienced midwife in the profession she is 19 years old. Says that medicine had passed her by inheritance – his father was a military paramedic. In 1982 he entered the Department of obstetrics Zaporozhye medical College, and on 1 April 1985 went to work in Melitopol hospital. The youngest employee of the team received a warm welcome. Soon she was transferred to the delivery room. Your work Antonina Ivanovna calls difficult and responsible – she is responsible for the life of the mother and child.

– It must be love. If you don’t like obstetrics, in the hospital, and in medicine in General, nothing to do. In obstetrics, I am 34 years and can safely say that this is my calling, – says Antonina Khalilov.

Over the years, Antonina Ivanovna brought eight with superfluous thousand kids! Analyzing his experience, says: the same two genera as two identical women, does not exist.

– The mechanism of delivery one, but they are always different. The main thing – to be a psychologist to make contact with the woman and partner. A woman needs to understand that I’m here with one purpose – to help her. If she hears – everything will be fine. Fractions of a second play a role in the birth process, everything can change in an instant. Difficult births usually occur in women from high-risk groups with diseases and pathologies and, oddly enough, the doctors – said the midwife.

In the profession Antonina Khalilov from the Soviet era. Comparing the current and then new mothers, says that before giving birth better.

– In Soviet times, was a common prenatal chamber, and two delivery rooms. Relatives of the women shouted and waved out the window – no not allowed. In childbirth the women then behaved disgustingly and inappropriately – screaming, crying, feet we were beaten and pinched… But the paradox that gave birth well! Now women go to the hospital prepared by: women’s consultation, the communication on the Internet, special literature – do they know what awaits them. Conditions in the hospital are excellent, the house is so comfortable that a woman in labor already feels in the hospital. And do women now adequate, but the physiology they are weaker than those that gave birth 30 years ago, compares Antonina Khalilov.

Important in the birth to presence of the partner. According to the midwives, he needed to explain to the woman what to do, if she doesn’t listen to doctors categorically. However, there are partners who have to “pump”. Do not estimate your abilities husbands in the delivery room sometimes faint falling and the scandal suit. Basically those who are not feeling well, go. In the hospital they say: the main task of the partner is to be with woman in first stage of labor, because it is the longest one. Then the faint-hearted and you can go out.

To the hospital directly from the Rass

Over the past decade has changed not only the approach to childbirth, but also the age of women giving birth. Antonina Ivanovna compares: in Soviet times, the firstborn gave birth at 18-19, 22-23 came in second. Now to give birth not in a hurry – the baby plan.

First births are now aware, the firstborn gave birth after 25. Most of my adult pervorodyaschih was 45, she gave birth herself. And the young woman in my practice – 15-year-old. One time was a stream of young mothers. To work with them easier – they like mom, you listen, waiting for help. And educate children effortlessly – it is not a burden. These mothers are still children themselves – the pediatrician then comes to the mother and the child, says the midwife delivery room. – Whatever it was, but the optimal age for childbirth up to 25 years. Re-birth to 38 years old you can safely. And the point here is not the outdated concept of “late”, as in physical forces: with age, relax, you already harder to sleep at night, to give time to the kids…

Which only mothers had to watch Antonina Khalilova over the years! Some fights in cursed husbands, others came to bear tipsy with the celebration of the birthday, or directly from the Rass.

– Always remembered Christmas mothers: they usually try to stay at home until the last, eat Brawn and Olivier, – the midwife laughs and adds: – I Want to dispel the myth that we, doctors, very offended: everyone is afraid to give birth during the holidays, because the doctors on duty allegedly drunk. This is complete nonsense! New year’s eve we can have cake to eat brought from home festive snacks, but alcohol is nonsense.

Difficult doctors happen to agree with Muslims and believers. The first strongly against doctors-men and not allow them to examine the woman in labor. Second do not accept blood transfusions, exposing his life to danger. To persuade them, sometimes collectively.

Gave birth at Antonina Khalilova and prisoner women in prison. These genera have been unusually under escort.

Myself a midwife

Had our heroine make extreme deliveries, right in the emergency room of the hospital, or worse – in the back seat of “Zaporozhets”. However, the extreme can be called the birth itself Antonina Khalilova. She took herself!

– All has begun with banal jokes. Being pregnant, I was in the Department of pathology. Somehow came to me and my staff from a maternity unit and asked if I could’ve found itself at birth to take. Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes!” Who knew that this would happen – laughs Antonina Ivanovna. – The contractions I started at three in the morning. I broke the rules: itself carefully looked up and realized that until the morning cope. Machine was not at home, you had to wait until morning. I didn’t bother – had a bath, ironed linen. All fights were paradisal. In the morning to take me to the hospital was a friend of her husband. In the back of his “Moskvich” I and bore – advised friend, as a student. We arrived at the hospital with the baby on her belly, she bandaged the umbilical cord. My birth happened at 6.35 am in front of “thirty”. In those days it was a shock to everyone. In the hospital I was being scolded by the midwife at the maternity unit gave birth in the car! But I proved your professionalism – my birth went in peace, without fear and panic. It’s famous all Melitopol – laughing the midwife.

Subsequently, Antonina Khalilov “gave birth” along with a daughter-in-law and his two grandchildren. The midwife says with a smile: the mother listened and behaved with dignity.

Physiology outweighed miracle

The success of childbirth, according to Antonina Ivanovna, depends on understanding midwives and mothers.

– Every patient I take like a close friend. Annoying when the woman categorically doesn’t want to listen to you and do all the tips makes a straight face, thinking that she knows everything better than us. I always explain that we are here to help and guide in the right direction. It’s our job, but not everyone wants to understand it.

Many pregnant begins online miracles and want to give birth at home. I am totally against it! Understand the birth process is unpredictable and should take place in a medical facility, where prepared for any eventuality. Were these women that wanted to give birth standing up. But I am for the classical childbirth – we’re not in Africa to stand to give birth. The child may fall, bump. Why knowingly risk it? said the midwife.

With a smile, says Antonina Khalilov of those future moms that are begging to have a C-section right from the start – afraid of the pain or want to have on a particular day.

– Cesarean section is abdominal surgery and it is held strictly indicated. If they are, we say. If not, you have to work hard and to give birth, – says Antonina Ivanovna and adds that sometimes her view of a woman is enough to understand what complications can be at birth.

The question is whether in the delivery room place signs, Antonina Khalilov says that she only observes the rule of midwives – it is impossible that the mother was sites. Therefore asks to untie the knots and the braid unravelling.

In General, every woman give birth to three people – a doctor, a midwife and a nurse. Need help – come to the anesthesiologist, neonatologist, etc. they always rejoice in the discharge of their maternal relatives which sometimes turns into a SideShow.

– Discharge grandiose! I am against the “arts” at the hospital – is the last century. Much better when you give surprises – always so happy for the woman. Once we have the dancer gave birth, so her dance group at discharge before hospital mass dance staged – it was great!

Now women are so beautiful from maternity leave! If you have sealed us with Soviet style statement, you would be stunned to children, this does not show! – Antonina laughs Khalilov. – Ugly, worn, unwashed hair – in fact, the hospitals of the closed type was, with nothing to carry. Her husband came home, nurse the child passed, congratulated and go home. Can you imagine what beauty we have left? And now girls are wearing makeup, a haircut, nice clothes out. Sometimes we them on discharge do not even know – they are so beautiful! Look at girls and think, as well, that in our time there was no Internet and nobody was taking pictures…

Working as a midwife 35th year, our interlocutor says: birth is physiology, not a miracle. Expectant mothers, she advises not to be afraid:

– Birth is a joy, leaving us with a smile. Going to the hospital, don’t be afraid – pregnant us still has not left, – joked at the end, the midwife with years of experience.