Melitopoltsy quarreled because of the new black ATB

Мелитопольцы разругались из-за нового черного АТБ

Residents of the city staged a real gas chamber during the opening of the refurbished black ATB on the street Heroes of Ukraine. This is the only two-storey supermarket of the network in Melitopol. However, impressions from buyers were twofold. They are willing to share on social networks. Debaters even quarreled because of the ATB.

First impression when you enter a room: a funky flavor to baked goods, all stylish, beautiful, comfortable… But – the second floor in the grocery store without escalators it’s something. Many people, elderly, mothers with baby carriages, disabled people will be left without products that are sold on the second floor. To get them back is not easy. Much easier to buy everything on the market. The worst awaits you at the exit from the shop floor to the platform where the Luggage carts and baskets. Beautiful stainless limiters for trucks located at the level of 10-15 cm from the floor. For those few minutes while I got my package from the locker, using these limiters tripped and fell down 2 people. The man quickly got up, cursed and ran away. But the woman had to raise the passing people. In General, the thrill of visiting this store twofold… Look at his feet, – left opinion in the group “Melitopol reviews” one of the attendees.

It is not Dmitry Grabko agrees: “the worst thing that awaits you on the way out,” that crowd of idiots who crowded around lockers and like monkeys trying almost crushing each other to be the first to open the locker. Truck is far from the worst. Therefore, store 10/10, 3/10 people”.

Many buyers are unhappy with the fact that they advance took place on the opening day of ATB after the reconstruction, to get free food packages (there were only 100 pieces). But received a gift, not all, as wanting was too much. And additional discounts in the supermarket was not.