Melody alarm affects the state of a person after waking up

Мелодия будильника влияет на состояние человека после пробуждения

Australian scientists have found that in the morning alarm tune can affect the sense of self after awakening. If your alarm emits a pleasant musical sounds, you are more likely to Wake up faster and be cheerful, writes PLOS.

“We all thought that the classic sharp “pee-pee” alarm should quickly and efficiently to awaken humans, however, our experiments showed that more melodic trills were more successful in this regard,” said a researcher from RMIT University Stuart MacFarlane. He added that the results were a surprise to the researchers themselves.

The experiment involved 50 volunteers. As a result of observing them, the experts came to the conclusion that the alarm volume, duration, trills almost does not affect the quality of awakening. You can not say about the type of ringtone.

Those individuals who have awakened from the sounds of popular ringtones, feel less “inhibited” than those who were released from the arms of Morpheus with the help of loud and sharp sounds.

Scientists are not taken up until to say why the melodious tune makes a person more cheerful in the morning. Experts suggest that the unpleasant sound of the alarm clock disrupts the normal brain function in the moment of awakening.

Now the researchers plan to further explore this topic, and they want to find these ringtones for alarm clocks that help people as quickly as possible to cross the border between sleep and wakefulness and at the same time feel comfortable.