Member of the Bundestag Gerdt: Plan Medvedchuk simple, streamlined and clear to all

Депутат Бундестага Гердт: План Медведчука прост, рационален и понятен всем

A plan for a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass, the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Victor Medvedchuk’s simple, rational and clear. This was after a meeting Medvedchuk with deputies of the Bundestag for discussion, “Parliamentary dimension of the Normandy format,” said the Deputy of Bundestag, a representative of the Commission on human rights, International Committee, Committee on conflict situations of the Bundestag Waldemar Gerdt writes 112 Ukraine.

“I think it’s the only option now to take this process further. We see that after the Paris meeting again we go in this mode of tightening, in dead-end mode. And that inter-parliamentary communication of parliamentarians will create a pressure mode for the implementation of these decisions. Decisions have been made correctly, a pragmatic plan that was presented to us by Mr. Medvedchuk, well, he’s rational, simple and clear to everyone, both supporters and opponents. But also it was mentioned today that there are supporters, that was not the settlement, because they live and earn. But we need to organize, this is our space”, he said.

“We are supporters of peace, has always worked point, separately, apart, and now, thanks to this visit, which very well coincides with our initiative, which I initiated in the Bundestag, the establishment of the Commission on human rights, which considers this issue from that perspective… I think that this visit was rounded out by it all. The next meeting of this Commission bundestages will be in Minsk, and we’ll talk about the incarnation, about how to bring to life these solutions, which is already. This is a very important, very valuable visits for us, for Germany. I have already said today, nobody wins. We have lost more than 120 billion euros from the budget, and that pension, it’s childish. We lost a huge market, we have not acquired anything. And I think that neither Ukraine nor Russia has gained from this conflict, nothing. I mean people, I mean businessmen, Industrialists, entrepreneurs. And so we need to return, to return to pragmatics and start to work, to create a joint venture, to create the conditions for a peaceful resolution of this process, and then to go there economically. Where people have jobs, salaries and see the improvement of life – well, it is very hard to raise some military coups and so on,” he added.

“That’s the essence of today’s meeting. It is almost impossible to overestimate. She is very timely and I am grateful that this initiative has gone from the Ukrainian side. We knocked on this side for a long time, but you understand that we are working for an alternative party, the opposition party. The position of our government is a little different, and we were constantly trying to cut in these initiatives. Here is the conversation today have already reached the medial space in and out and we will leave it at this. We will do the following to the Commission and the medial will develop this platform so that it will be hard to hide already,” he said Gerdt.

On 23 January, Viktor Medvedchuk met in the French Senate deputies of the upper and lower houses of Parliament, and on 28 January presented a “Parliamentary dimension “Normandy format to representatives of all major factions of the Bundestag.