Member of the Servants of the people Tishchenko: I exposed the author of the Dark knight

Депутат из Слуги народа Тищенко: Я разоблачил автора канала Темный рыцарь

30.03.2020, 00:47


The people’s Deputy Nikolay Tishchenko accused the colleague on fraction, the Servant of the people of Alexander Kunitsky that leads Telegram-channel “the Dark knight”

The people’s Deputy of the public Servants Nikolay Tishchenko accused colleague in the faction Alexander Kunitsky that leads Telegram-channel “the Dark knight”. It is reported by the Censor. no.

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Comments publication Tishchenko said that today, during a meeting of the faction of SN with Prime Minister Denis Megalam and candidates for the heads of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of health and the Ministry of energy, he showed a video and photos of the meeting published on the channel “the Dark knight” with a signature that has gathered only 20 members.

Tishchenko says that in that moment in the hall was really a few people, and he was able to pinpoint that photo was taken from the place where he sat Kunitsky.

“I sat next to him and say to him: “You scoundrel, you traitor! You cheated on our agreement. You specifically want to show that no deputies at the meeting that it is not necessary to come to a meeting of the Parliament and vote for laws to save the country from default!” -said Tishchenko.

The MP stressed that, despite the quarantine, the meeting was attended by more than 120 members.

  • Telegram-channel “the Dark knight” might be involved in the promulgation and dissemination of the records from the Cabinet of ex-Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.
  • February 2, the head of fraction of SN David Arakhamiya argued that the channel “the Dark knight” MPs are Dubinsky and Buzhansky.
  • Tomorrow will be an extraordinary meeting of Parliament, where he will examine the laws for combating coronavirus and replacement of some Ministers, it is also possible another extraordinary meeting, which will vote for the land market and “andikalovsky the law.”