Members cursed: Kamasaki detained a second mayor

КВНщики прокляли место: в Камызяки задержали уже второго мэра

Wednesday, January 30, staff of the FSB of Russia detained the mayor of the city Kamyzyak Dmitry Vasiliev and the head of the eponymous district Vasily Sukhorukov on suspicion of corruption crime.

As noted in the investigative Department, officials are under articles 290 and 291.1 of the criminal code, both of these to the taking of a bribe. Investigators believe that in December last year, the head of the district through the mayor demanded a bribe from the Director of the company. The total size of the bribes amounted to 1.8 million rubles. For the money, the head of a commercial company promised a victory at the auctions relating to municipal contracts.

Kamyzyak is a small city in the South of the Astrakhan region, in the whole of Russia, he became famous thanks to the team of KVN “national Team kamyzyakskogo edge” which in 2015 became the Champion of the Highest League of Club cheerful and resourceful. In their speeches, the team often joked on the subject of mayor of the city, playing with its different aspects, the mayor is preparing for elections of the mayor met in the city, the head of the city was even dedicated to a song. Also a lot of jokes were devoted to Kamyzyaksky court.

The news of the arrest of the mayor of such a famous city was widely publicized on the Internet. So, one of the users of the popular site Peekaboo, commented on the news with a screenshot of the team’s performance and the following phrase: “it will be Interesting to watch the court”. Many users suggested to put the mayor of the city team captain Azamat Aslyamova, which is also known for work on TNT, where it is the leading program “Where is the logic?”, actor in the TV series “Interns” and “Once in Russia”.

The comedian commented on the detention in the following words: “Countrymen sent. That’s what not to watch “Once in Russia”. There are in fact clearly shows how mayors themselves not to do”. About this he wrote on Instagram. Also, an opinion expressed by his colleague on the shop floor Vyacheslav Makarov, who regretted that the mayor was not a good person.

Note that this is not the first arrest of the mayor of the city Kamyzyak, earlier in late 2013, was arrested at that time already former head of the city Oleg Nikulin that before the arrest, resigned. A year later, the court found him guilty of fraud and sentenced him to three years imprisonment and a fine of 9 thousand rubles.

How many more years will last a string of arrests of the mayors of this town is unknown. However, over the last few years, this is the second case involves the mayor, many readers believe it is not random coincidences.