Memories of the First world

Воспоминания о Первой мировой

During the First world war the father of an elderly woman by the name Gulseren, Orthomolecular captured Russian soldiers, and his mother spent his childhood in the city, occupied by Russian troops.

Gulseren tells us about the memories that have been shared with her by her parents.

“My father is held in captivity for eight years. That’s what I heard from my mother. To be concluded, of course, difficult. But the mother said that the Russians were good to him.

Still, when Russian soldiers occupied the city of Erzincan, they were very good and the Turkish people. They did not create particular difficulties for the local people, tormented them, tortured”, – says the daughter of a Turkish prisoner of war.

My mother often reminisced about his childhood – for example, about how Russian soldiers eat apples and Turkish children watched them from afar, thinking that apples are poisonous. But still everyone wanted to try them, because during the war, to get the fruit was extremely difficult.

When the soldiers tried to give them, they were frightened, because parents are strictly forbidden to take anything from the Russians. Then the soldiers would bite the apples, saying, “look, there’s no poison,” and then gave the children”, concludes our interlocutor.

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