Men also have a ticking biological clock

У мужчин тоже имеются тикающие биологические часы

After 40 years, men seeking to become first time dads, fertility is reduced. And their partners are faced with more complications during pregnancy.

The stronger sex, it is better to have children before 35 years old in order not to damage the health of their partners and future heirs. To such conclusion the American researchers from Rutgers University. They have received recent evidence that like women men also have in your body the so-called ticking biological clock. Having conducted a meta-analysis of studies over the past 40 years, scientists have found that men over 45 are much less fertile.

But more importantly, if these men still impregnate women, they subsequently face a much higher risk of pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy, gestational diabetes and premature birth. Children fathers more often are born prematurely, they are more frequent stillbirths or overall poor health, and underweight. Such children are more likely to experience seizures, disorders in the heart and birth defects.

Finally, these children often have children of the tumor and autism. While the science is not clear how the age of the father affects these factors. However, men with age there has been a natural decline in testosterone, and therefore an earlier conception or the delivery of sperm to the Bank for storage can reduce the health risks for the mother and unborn child.