Mendel killed and injured in the killings of Ukrainians surprised reaction to the statement of Donbass

Мендель обвинила ВСУ в убийствах: украинцы удивили реакцией на заявление о Донбассе

Charges a press-the Secretary of President Vladimir Zelensky, Yulia Mendel that the Ukrainian military to succumb to provocations, shooting at terrorists in homes, schools or hospitals in Donbas are false.

It spoke of the Ukrainians in the survey, which was conducted by the website OBOZREVATEL.

The respondents were asked: “The accused Zelensky APU in the killing of civilians: what do you think?”. Almost half of respondents (49%) said that the statements of Mendel are false, and do not need to play along with the propaganda of the Kremlin.

While 33% responded that the war possible “accidental civilian casualties”. And only 18% said that “a spokesman Zelensky law, and the APU should not be provoked”.

The poll voted 32425 people.