Mercedes-Benz changed the logo for COVID-19

Mercedes-Benz изменил логотип из-за COVID-19

For several months, the world faces a pandemic of coronavirus. She covered a lot of countries on different continents, and the number of infected reached 800 thousand people. Doctors around the world trying to confront this virus and to stop its spread.

According to the who, one of the main tools in combating the spread of the coronavirus is social distancing. That is, people must observe among themselves a minimum distance of one meter. This will reduce the likelihood of infection and, as a result, will halt the spread of the virus, according to the Auto Informant.

This ideology began to reach people with many global companies, including automotive. So, Audi and Volkswagen took social videos in which he urged the people of all countries to “sustain the distance”. Now they were joined by the German concern Mercedes. He changed his logo, pushing the three-beam star further from the outer circle. Thus, the manufacturer wanted to remind people about the need to respect the distance.