Mercedes-Benz S-class abandoned the use of buttons in the cabin (photo)

Mercedes-Benz S-класса отказался от кнопок в салоне (фото)

By the second decade of the XXI century cars began to get rid of the usual mechanical buttons from the dashboard and go to their touch and even virtual analogs. Sedan Mercedes S-class of 2021 will be one of the clearest examples of this trend.

Mercedes-Benz introduced a new concept on-Board computer, which is a massive 13-inch OLED touchscreen display.

According to the automaker, this screen is the most advanced infotainment panel MBUX ever embedded in one of its cars. In General, it replaces dozens of conventional buttons – as many as 27 pieces.

Mercedes doesn’t offer a list of all physical buttons, which replace a new touch screen, but among them climate control, music playback and radio settings. Thus Executive Mercedes-Benz 2021 S-class becomes fully digital car.

The computer may be configured with cameras for facial recognition (which provides various additional functions), has the technology of haptic feedback and supports authentication by voice and fingerprints to improve security.

The camera can even scan the QR codes and make payments with digital display.

At 2021 S-class can be up to four such screens in the cabin – three in the rear seats and one in the front.

Mercedes claims that the passengers in the rear and front seats will have access to most of the same features of comfort and infotainment, although we expected, but some features will be limited only by the driver.

Another important change that appeared in MBUX – the new dashboard augmented reality.

One click digital dashboard of the vehicle can be converted to three-dimensional on-screen display for a “spatial overview” without having to use 3D glasses or other special equipment.

Mercedes-Benz S-класса отказался от кнопок в салоне (фото)