Mercedes would save the world? The organic battery from Daimler

Mercedes спасет мир? Органические батареи от Daimler

Electric vehicles are considered the cleanest vehicles on earth. However, it is not so simple. For example, during the creation of the battery for such environmentally friendly cars, without emissions of chemical contamination can not do.

That’s why Mercedes-Benz has concentrated on the development of organic batteries for electric cars.

Environmental battery will be manufactured from materials that are recyclable. “Very promising technology” Mercedes-Benz is designed for use in serial electric cars, but it will happen no earlier than in 15 years.

This technology was first presented the concept Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR at the beginning of this year. Organic batteries made from cellulose-based graphene with a water-based electrolyte. This means that they do not use rare or toxic materials or metals, which makes them fully recyclable by composting. Early testing showed that these batteries have high energy density, and can also apply fast charger.

Andreas Hintenach, senior Manager of research panels told Autocar:

“This is a very promising technology. I’ve seen how it works in the laboratories where the results look very good, but we don’t see opportunities to use them right now – for the adaptation of technology in the serial car need another 15-20 years.”

This is consistent with the plans of the German automaker up to 2039 to completely switch to electric cars. Now Mercedes-Benz has refused to release the battery from such “controversial” materials like cobalt and lithium. However, modern electric cars and hybrids are brand still use lithium-ion batteries. It is believed that their productivity can be increased by about a quarter – Mercedes engineers are working on this issue.