Mercury or infrared: tips from Suprun regarding the correct choice of the thermometer – 24 Channel

Ртутний чи інфрачервоний:  поради від Супрун щодо правильного вибору термометра - 24 Канал

Today to measure the temperature of human in many ways and using different devices: from a reliable mercury thermometer in the infrared scanners. However, it is not always easy to choose exactly what suits You or Your child.

How to act in such situations, said the acting Minister of health Suprun on his page in Facebook.

She, in particular, unveiled some sensible observations:

– despite the fact that many are accustomed to use mercury thermometers, they are the most dangerous: the accuracy of the measurement is high enough, but should consider the time dimension of such a device requires much more than, for example, electronic;

– a mercury thermometer can easily make the temperature be the least of your worries in just few seconds (meaning if You break the channel 24);

more modern instruments for measuring temperature have sufficient advantages, but the accuracy of some of them is not yet sufficiently understood; for example, infrared scanners, measures the temperature on the surface of the skin, certainly they are quite expensive;

– under the armpits – not the most reliable measurement of temperature: mainly it depends on the age of the device you are using, and skills in measurement.

We will remind, recently in Ukraine was recorded the first death from SARS during the autumn-winter of 2018.

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