Merkel did not rule out that Germany will impose new sanctions against Russia for the murder khangoshvili

Меркель не исключила, что Германия введет новые санкции против России за убийство Хангошвили

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin reserves the right to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with the murder of a former Chechen warlord Zelimkhan khangoshvili. German prosecutors said that the official Moscow involved in the attempted murder committed in August 2019.

“We reserve the right to respond as and said Federal Minister for foreign Affairs [Heiko Maas], but first we need to wait and see what will lead the trial,” – said Merkel at a press briefing on June 19, when asked to comment on the statement of Maas on the possible introduction of sanctions against Russia.

Khangoshvili is an ethnic Chechen who was born in the Pankisi gorge (Georgia). During the Second Chechen war khangoshvili commanded one of the units which fought against Russia, and later collaborated with the secret services of Georgia.

According to “German wave”, khangoshvili had Georgian passport in the name Tornike Kavtarashvili. In 2015, Tbilisi khangoshvili made an attempt. After that he moved to Ukraine and then to Germany.

Khangoshvili was killed August 23, 2019 in Berlin: the killer approached the victim on a Bicycle and fired several shots. The killer was soon arrested.

6 Dec Bellingcat published an investigation stating that the detainee’s name is Vadim Krasikov, he moved to Germany according to the documents issued in the name of Vadim Sokolov. Investigators believe he is linked to the FSB.

June 18, German prosecutors filed the Russian official allegations of murder and illegal possession of weapons. According to German authorities, he committed murder by order “agencies, which are subordinate to the government of the Russian Federation”.

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