Merkushyna won the bronze medal at the IBU Cup

In Obertilliach (Austria) ended the sprint race of the IBU Cup. Ukrainian Anastasiya Merkushyna managed to win the bronze medal.

The first two places in the final Protocol took the Swedish biathletes Skotheim Joanna and Anna Magnusson. In the finishing stretch Skotheim was much faster and beat compatriot and 14 seconds.

Not without a miss Anastasia Merkushina. At the last round of the Ukrainian showed great speed and lost only 3 seconds Magnusson.

The results of the sprint

1. Joanna Skotheim
2. Anna Magnusson
3. Anastasiya Merkushyna

4. Yulia Zhuravok
16. Olga Abramova
26. Anna Krivonos
43. Nadezhda Belkina
45. Catherine Beh