Metabolic failure is due to a systematic violation of sleep

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Scientists as a result of several studies concluded that the lack of clear sleep mode provokes in human metabolic disorders.

In the National heart Institute in the US concluded that sleep deprivation has a significant impact on the body.

It is noted that harmful effects, as the lack of consistent time of going to sleep and awakening, and short duration of nighttime sleep.

Read tacumshane called drinks to lower blood DAVLENIYa the experiment, which lasted six months, involved over two thousand volunteers aged 45 to 84 years. Experts have observed the relationship of the wrong mode of the day, and sleep with metabolic disorders. As a result of metabolic disorders identified in all patients with the problems in the chart of a dream.

After the participants resumed the day mode violations is preserved. In most patients, depression led to weight gain. The experiment showed that the violation of sleep for just one hour increases the risk of metabolic disorders 27%.