Metallurgists of Ukraine increased its investment in manufacturing

Металлурги Украины нарастили инвестиции в производство

Metallurgists of Ukraine pay much attention to investment programs of development of the industry. This was stated by the head of the Association Ukrmetallurgprom Alexander Kalenkov in an article for the newspaper Voice of Ukraine, reports Ukrmetallurgprom.

In the international metallurgical practice one of the main indicators of investment activity is the level of specific investments per tonne of liquid steel, said the head of Ukrmetallurgprom.

“This figure indicates a gradual investment growth in the domestic MMC. So, if in 2014 the level of specific investments amounted to 15.7 million./t, last year this figure has already reached $ 29.1 in./t and continues to grow”, – he stressed.

According to A. Kalenkova, investments aimed at solving two main problems: economic (cost reduction and improving product quality) and ekologicheskoi (lower emissions).

For example, replacing open-hearth furnaces electric arc with the subsequent reception of billets on OOO “Interpipe Steel” (str) has allowed not only to optimize the cost and improve the quality of the finished product, but also significantly reduce harmful emissions inherent in the open-hearth process of steel smelting.

“It is expected that the replacement of open-hearth production and BOF the implementation of the technology of continuous casting machine at JSC “Zaporizhstal” will also provide economic and environmental benefits”,- said the head of Ukrmetallurgprom.