Meteor shower Geminids 2019: when and where can be seen

One of the most spectacular meteor of the year-meteor stream Geminids – starts on 4 December. It will last until December 17. It can see and Ukrainians.

What is known about the meteor shower Geminids

This meteor shower is in the constellation Gemini. In the days of very high activity, the number of falling meteors reaches 58, the speed of 34.4 km/s. Therefore, the meteor shower Geminids is one of the brightest and most spectacular of the year.

Most meteor showers are born when the earth passes through the trail of dust particles released comet.

Starfall of Geminid – a consequence of the passage of our planet through a trail that leaves behind a small near-earth asteroid known as (3200) Phaeton.

Pieces of the asteroid burn up upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere and keep the night sky bright streaks of white, yellow, blue, red and even green colors.

Meteor shower Geminids 2018: video

When you can see

It takes place every year between 4 – December 17. The highest activity takes place during 14 – 15 December. It’s then possible to see the greatest number of”shooting stars”.

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