Methods of attachment of the smartphone in the vehicle

Способы крепления смартфона в салоне машины

The application of the regularly appearing technical innovations requires drivers permanent change of individual parts that are used in everyday life.

For example, the use of mobile phone or smartphone will become much more convenient, after installation, to secure a special holder.

This will allow you to answer a call while keeping your hands free, but to successfully use your smartphone as a Navigator or other necessary programs. Below are the most convenient way to mount your phone in the car.

Fastening by means of the suction Cup mount. Many of the phone holders are equipped with a suction Cup which greatly simplifies the installation of such a device, including and not perfect surface. Periodically, the suction cups lose their stickiness and begin bad to gain a foothold on the surface. This problem is solved by rinsing the suction Cup with warm water, allowing to wash off all the dust and dirt. The design of this holder is well thought out and the phone screen will be entirely accessible, not hiding behind its component parts. In addition, the locking device of different design will provide an opportunity to build on the windshield or on the dashboard. The disadvantage is the unavailability of other places for attachment. Positive sides are simple the process of consolidation. You should also not make any changes to the design of the car.

Clip together with a flexible cord. Considering the way of holding the phone in the car, we can say that it will be a lot more inconvenience than benefits. Even taking into account the fact that with its help it is possible to commit in any convenient location of the cabin. There is no need for design change. The disadvantage may be too much noise because of occlusion of the vent of the heating system. Driving on bad roads can contribute to failure of fasteners.

A positive thing from the use of this device is the ability to turn the phone by 360 degrees, which is possible thanks to the flexible cord, but it gives it uniqueness. The result is not the best way to place the smartphone.

Holder on the steering wheel. This mount installed on the car wheel consists of two plates in black plastic. Inside they have a spring, giving the opportunity to hold phone of any size with the help of rollers made of silicone.

No difficulties with the installation of the holder. On the wheel it is attached using a loop of silicone, which has a special pedal. Pressing it will give the possibility of removing the whole mount from the steering wheel.

The disadvantages of attachment becomes a limited review of the dashboard needed to control the machine. Worst of all are visible indicators of the high-speed mode that can become a cause of penalty for exceeding the speed level. In addition, when connected to the device the charging cord, it often twists around the wheel. But such situations happen not so often.

Result. Despite the variety of mounts, each of them has its positive and negative sides. Match it should be depending on available mounting locations and the device dashboard in the selected vehicle. In the absence of acquisition opportunities have the ability to do it yourself, for example, from ordinary clerical clip for paper, one part of which is fixed and the other holding the phone itself. The choice makes itself the owner of the car.

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Способы крепления смартфона в салоне машины

Способы крепления смартфона в салоне машины

Способы крепления смартфона в салоне машины