Metro: Exodus – why the Ukrainian game so much noise

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

On 15 February, the Ukrainian company 4A Games and Deep Silver, the German presented a post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Exodus. Even before the release of the game caused a lot of noise and attracted the attention not only of gaming community.

Why release Metro: Exodus is true it is scandalous and interesting than the game journalists understood Techno 24.

Story and features, Metro: Exodus

The new part of the famous shooter tells players really ambitious story. According to the producer, the script Metro: Exodus more than the scripts of the first two parts – Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, including amendments thereto.

The game’s plot spans multiple locations and consists of 7 sections: prologue, winter (the scene is Moscow), spring (Volga), Yamantau, summer (Caspian), autumn (Taiga), Dead city (Novosibirsk).

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

Game Metro: Exodus, for the first time in the history of the series gave the player outside of a post-apocalyptic Moscow and its underground. In the story, he will have to pass through Russia, which has experienced 20 years of wild existence after the shock of the atomic bombs, along the way meeting various open locations with local characters, warring tribes and mutants, as well as side quests. Team Artem (which controls the player in Metro: Exodus) will move around the country in an armored train.

The game world reacts to your actions. Strip the lair of the bandits at the other end of the map, someone is bound to talk about it; save a captive – in a few hours you will learn in a random dialogue between two opponents that he put a candle in the temple.

The trailer for the game Metro: Exodus – watch videos

All this makes the world very alive and immerses you in his head. But most importantly – makes you see enemies living people and raises complex moral questions. Moreover, the style of passing and many decisions affect the plot and the fate of the characters directly.

Reviews from critics

The average score PC version of the shooter on the website Metacritic is 84 out of 100. The console versions received lower scores.

Journalists praised Metro: Exodus for the sustained balance between gunfights and study locations, vibrant atmosphere, great audio design, graphics and high-quality study of the world, contributing to the immersion in the game. Many even called the new game S. T. A. L. K. E. R.

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

Most of the creations 4A Games blamed for the rather primitive artificial intelligence, the linearity of the narrative, boring system of stealth, outdated animations, and technical problems.

If to consider separately the relevant related publications from the former Soviet Union, they, in addition to the above, also note that Metro: Exodus definitely sink into the soul of many inhabitants of the countries of the former USSR.

Scandals Metro: Exodus

The scandal with the Steam. The noise around the long-awaited shooter began a few weeks before its official release. Company 4A Games and Deep Silver have announced that Metro: Exodus will be released on Steam, and will be temporary exclusive for the new store Epic Games Store.

Most likely, the decision was made almost at the last moment (this is evidenced by another scandal, which we will recall later) and caused a lot of outrage from gamers. It has even come to the point that enraged users have fallen off the ranking all of the previous parts of the “Metro” in Steam.

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

In turn, the developers were quick to comment on is your decision. According to them, Epic Games in their digital distribution service much loyal to the developers and they will be able to get more profit from the game. Of course, someone can perturb such a financial issue, but everyone wants their work was appreciated.

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

Further, the scandal was gaining more momentum. One of the employees of 4A Games on the website Reddit has published a commentary which said that if the release of the shooter at another store so angered gamers, the next part of the Metro will not work in the PC version. Next 4A Games on the official page in Facebook reassured loyal fans and noted that this position is only one employee who loves his job. The company stressed that they will continue to focus on PC gamers, as it was before.

The reaction of the author of “Metro”. The dispute was joined by the author of the novels “Metro” Dmitry Glukhovsky. He stressed that the transition of the game to another store – it is solely the decision of the developers and publishers, and it is irrelevant. Glukhovsky also apologized to fans who feel cheated. So to accuse the author that the shooter removed from Steam pointless. But such allegations were heard from the angry gamers.

The scandal with the Metro drives: Exodus. It would seem that the release of the game took place and discussion and outrage should be toned down a bit, but there are new interesting details. The game was released not only in digital stores but also on physical media. It connected with them and the following scandal. A Reddit user posted a photo which clearly shows that the publisher just stuck the mention of Steam.

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

On discs Metro: Exodus sealed the mention of Steam

Russian propangda. The next wave of discussion has provoked one of the leading Russian propaganda channel “Russia 24”. Broadcast news Alexei Kazakov accused the developers of aliens: Exodus in that they are trying to impose on the world Russophobia. And all because of the fact that in the game because you hit the head of the monument to Lenin to receive the award of “Decommunization”.

The presenter also noted that the developers are so enthusiastic about self-Maidan reality, and even desecrated the Muscovites, they say, do not know that outside the capital in the midst of chaos and hordes of mutants also live people”.

The plot of the TV channel “Russia 24” – watch the video

Record. Note, even outside the post-Soviet space Metro: Exodus welcomed warmly. Many foreign websites have published reviews on the game and noted the tremendous work of Ukrainian developers. The success of the shooter show and sale. For example, in Britain only over the weekend the game managed to take second place among best-selling games, ahead of even Red Dead Redemption 2.

Metro: Exodus – почему вокруг украинской игры так много шума

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

Hacking the game. By the way, yesterday, February 20, at the same Reddit have reported that the hackers managed to crack the Denuvo protection 5.6 Metro: Exodus. DRM in a shooter could hold out only 5 days, while for breaking a similar system to Resident Evil 2 Remake took 6 days. Now 4A Games has not commented on this information.


Despite all the scandals surrounding Metro: Exodus, the game continues to gain popularity. It’s very positive not only gamers from the former Soviet Union, but Western critics. So if you have been thinking whether to upload shooter from the Ukrainian developers, our verdict is Yes.

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