Metropolitan Luke urged priests to use quartz in temples and wipe icons alcohol

Митрополит Лука призвал священников кварцевать храмы и протирать иконы спиртом

Metropolitan Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, addressed the congregation through its telegrams canal. He said that at the time of the quarantine services in Orthodox churches to stop will not. However, priests are obliged to use quartz of the premises before and after services, clean icons disinfectant. And parishioners encouraged to bring disposable cups and other individual containers.

Those who will feel bad in the Church and does not go recommended. As they say, better safe than sorry, or God helps those who help themselves.

Lord, as you know, a doctor by education, so the spread of acute viral disease, he urged the congregation and the priests to be taken seriously and explained how the virus is transmitted. Full text of Bishop read below:

“The appeal of the Metropolitan. Luke in connection with the spread of the coronavirus:


Beloved in the Lord fathers, brothers and sisters!

Zaporizhia diocese of the UOC together with the Central and local authorities shared the concern about the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection and its possible consequences for Ukrainian citizens. Some of them have already experienced the rejection of compatriots, the mindset which was formed by panic, fear and dubious information. It is known that coronavirus is an acute viral disease characterized by a primary lesion of respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract. This virus is transmitted by airborne droplets and airborne dust by.

From 12 March 2020 closed educational institutions are prohibited mass gatherings (over 200 people), stopped flights to certain countries, and the passage checkpoint. Some cities have restricted the operation of cinemas and other objects of the sphere of culture and entertainment. Unfortunately, sarcastic memes on the Internet in connection with the quarantine spread faster than the coronavirus.

Worship in churches of our diocese will not end, churches will be open in regular mode. The Orthodox community can not abandon the Liturgy for a long period of time because the Sacrament of the Eucharistic Assembly is the sense and center of the whole life of the Church, which is his divine-human unity in each local community.

This does not mean that Orthodox believers are careless with the epidemiological situation, and are configured with disregard to preventive measures and medical regulations. I encourage the flock entrusted to me to comply with sanitary-hygienic measures are of a preventive nature in parishes and in monasteries. The parish room should be aired regularly, they must maintain favorable temperature and humidity conditions.

If possible, carry out sanitation by ultraviolet (kvartsevanie) before and after worship. As practice shows, germicidal lamps help to destroy pathogens, bacteria and various viruses. Clergy and parish employees recommend to carefully observe respiratory hygiene when coughing and sneezing should cover mouth and nose with a tissue or crook of the elbow, immediately throw the napkin in the garbage container with cover, also wash hands frequently and handle their alcohol solutions. The virus is destroyed by the action of chloroform, formalin and ethyl alcohol. Be sure to use sanitary solutions to disinfect reliquaries relics and icons that follow the believers. Back water can be used in individual containers brought from home or use disposable paper cups.

If someone has poor health, stay at home until recovery, even if you have mild symptoms of the disease, for example, a headache or the sniffles. It is necessary to limit contacts with people because at the initial stage of infecting a new type of pathogen symptoms of coronavirus coincide with all the signs of the common cold: dry cough, weakness, fever.

Quickly identify the presence of coronavirus in the body allow test systems that are already in a family of doctors. Call the medical facility and inform about all recent travel or contact with travelling people. Seeking medical help over the phone will allow experts to quickly direct you to the appropriate medical facility. Treatment of coronavirus is carried out infectious disease physicians.

Will keep admire your confused acumen and prayerful calm as that encourages us the hierarchy of our Mother Church!”